It’s me!

This is a personal blog of Maria M.P. you can call me Iza or Za, for short. I’am twenty one years old.

I am a student of Communication Science majoring Public Relations of Indonesian Computer University, I’m taking final paper from my bachelor degree. motivated, active, creative, likes a challenge, love to learn many things and relationship, wants to circumnavigate the world and beneficial for everyone.

I’ve been thinking about  Become a person you always want to be. I just do what I can do. As long as I’m doing the right thing, it will give an impact to people, even the tiniest one. Despite thinking about how much it will give impacts, think about your guts while doing it.

For me, my passion is the best part of my life. Passion makes me keep going when I had a busy schedule. Passion makes me passionate on something. And passion grows desire in my soul, it grows willingness. Passion makes me try harder to make solvers of my own problems.

I always want to be someone who can travel around the world. I want to make more opportunities of jobs and grow more qualities on human-beings. I want to make an inspiration for them to fight more, survive more, and work more.

And what’s your passion? Are you a part of the better future?

somehow I really like a typography below.


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  1. by_shack says:

    desainnya blognya bagus n warnanya exited coklat gmn gt heheh,,, n teu ngarti ah loba bhs inggrisna hahaha

  2. Doona Raflessia says:

    mancaappp…keren2..terus tingkatkan tulisan anda,,introductionnya kaya surat lamaran ya… : P

    • zagaciouss says:

      pengen bikin style yg beda c dlm penulisannya. tinggal tambahin pendidikan formal&non formal aja kayanya udh jadi CV bgt tuh y ehee.. mksh atas sarannya 🙂

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